Four Loko Stories
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BlakeDip: I had a birthday party....I bought 2 cases of fourloko. Bad desicion to start. I made my birthday toast and quicky downed my first loko in the first 5 minutes. I then proceeded to have my friend funnel my second one to me. Around halfway through my third it gets fuzzy so this goes on stories I heard. About 10 more people showed up with more alcohol and I downed 4 bears and finished my 3rd loko. I cracked my 4th and snorted 2 lines of something, I don't remember what. My next memory brings me to my refrigorator taking my 5th loko out putting it on the counter as I proceeded to fall on my kitchen floor and putting the loko case under my head because I was in my puke. After I got up my friend told me he fed me my 5th loko because I insisted he do so. My friend Nicole then found me in my brothers room completley naked in my room in my puke. She wiped me down and called up my friend dave to care for me. When everyone was helping me into the shower I constintly apologized to everyone for my small penis and then saying fuck you to everyone for laughing. I was put in the shower and my friends told me to hold on to the bar and pretend I was on my dirt bike so i didn't drown. I made braap sounds until I apparently kicked over a bottle and told everyone I hit a rock and I was going to die. They told me I was okay and too keep going to florida so i did. I then remember my friend on his knees attempting to put my boxers on as his face was right by my penis I laughed and said im going to pee on you. He hit me in the stomach. I then woke up at his house and had no recollection of how I got there none the less what had happened the night before. this is my story.
Loko: 557
Not Loko: 474

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