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4crazy: I finished the 1234 challenge (1 blunt, 2 shots of Jack, 3 Coors, and a 4 loko) and the next thing I know I'm waking up in a bed god know where with two dogs licking my face. Having no idea where I am I try to leave but the first step out of the bed has my barefoot in my own feces. This is when I realized that I have handcuffs on. My buddy told me that I escaped the police after they arrested me for vandalism (I was spray painting the house I was at 'This is MY HOUSE, BITCH!) They had me in handcuffs but when their attention was elsewhere I booked it. I have no idea who's house that was or why I took a shit right next to the bed. wow.
Loko: 565
Not Loko: 454

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