Four Loko Stories
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BrewMaster69: Here is my most recent encounter with the beast(4loko)! I bought 2 orange lokos; instant stomach ache before I even finished the first loko. Then I drank the 2nd. Sweaty and completely shitface @ this Chico State party. 2 wasted to be in public i stumbled my wasted ass about 6 blocks and ordered the most savage dish at a shitty 24 hr Mexican restaurant. I got it to-go and carefully stumbled back to my house. Falling and tripping constantly until i was approached by 3 dudes trying to start shit. Too wasted and hung I just ran away. hahah coward!!!! but i was destined to get home and eat this meal. opened my door and finally tripped and fell and spiked my mexican food on my roomates brand new vacuum. I was too wasted to clean it and too hunger not to eat it. soo i ate the food off his vacuum. I smoked a bowl and got mad spins. Throwing up and then blacked out. Woke up delirious and to a robbed house. MacBook, Flatscreen, and my weed. Thanks 4 loko!
Loko: 496
Not Loko: 445

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