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Brour Loke: I'd seen Four Lokos at various parties over the summer and had only taken a few sips of friends' here and there. One night, my girlfriend and her roommates were throwing a party and I decided that I wanted Four Lokos to be my drink of choice. I thought "Hey, how bad can 2 energy drinks really fuck me up? I'm sure that won't even be enough alcohol for the night". Wrong. After finishing the first one in under 5 minutes, I was already feeling adventurous. We started with some pretty tame drinking games, except I kept losing... but the time we were done, I was rolling across the kitchen floor screaming about, "How badly I wanted grandma's oatmeal cookies more than a blowjob" That's the last thing I remember. I proceded to attempt to bake said cookies, and next morning I woke up with my head in a mixing bowl that contained flour, unbeaten eggs (the yoke was stuck in my hair), fish sticks, yogurt, oatmeal, and (of course) some Four Loko. I didn't get laid that night.
Loko: 491
Not Loko: 432

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