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4lokoFairy: Drank 4 lokos a year ago just to test out it's mysterious magic. Didn't feel it at first so I just kept sipping and sipping soon I felt it creeping up behind me smacking the shit out if me. Next thing I know my friend and I go to an empty apartment only to find a passed out Mexican and coronas. With the help if the four lokos we were able to transform to little fairies danced around and stole his coronas. Woke up in the morning as if nothing happened but my stomach felt like I was about to give birth to an alien
Loko: 344
Not Loko: 520
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O. Dear: 3 Four Lokos. Slept with my friend. Had cops called on me for assault. Got kicked out of Toys R' Us. Got kicked out of two bars. BEST DRINK EVER!
Loko: 339
Not Loko: 350
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blahblah: i'm 5 ft and 107 lbs. drank half of a Four Loco then went straight to the club . stumbled to the bathroom got hit on by some lesbians and dykes. then got escorted out the club for being underage and drunk =,11/15/2010
Not Loko: 410
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