Four Loko Stories
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Monkey Sno Sno: I kept hearing all of these stories about people dying and going nuts on 4 loko, so I had to try them. Personally, I am more of a beer/weed man myself. But I figured fuck, lets try these things out. I decide to go 8loko (2 four Loko's). After my second one I was on a rampage. Now I live in downtown chicago so going on rampages down the street, people are out, and people will see. It's 23am and I find myself stomping the hood of parked cars, I punched a moving el train full force and busted my knuckle, I flipped over flower baskets outside of an upscale bar. I was laughing the entire time. I went 8loko and that was too much for me. Back to beer, weed and shots.
Loko: 345
Not Loko: 352

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