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dead.: the first time i drank four loko, i had two and a half. my friend brought two girls i'd never met before over to my apartment, and then passed out. me, the two girls, and my roommate went to a party. on the way home, we pulled over to get gas. i had promised one of the girls i didn't know i would give her a couple dollars for gas money, and even though i fully intended on doing so, when we got to the gas station, the loko made me refuse. i then proceeded to start screaming at everyone in the car, including my roommate, which escalated into a full-on fight between us. i proceeded to make them leave me in the gas station parking lot. mind you, it was around 4 am. i then made friends with two random people and called my ex-boyfriend, who lives 45 minutes away, to come pick me up. he did. the next day i vomited twice in his house and he cleaned it up. when i got home i realized the two random girls had stolen my ipod, two necklaces, and one ring. fucking loko. i told myself i'd never drink it again, but alas... i've already stocked up for the pending ban in massachusetts.
Loko: 220
Not Loko: 221

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