Four Loko Stories
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Sean C: smuggled 12 cans of loko over the border into Canada for a friend who was desperate to try it. Got him 6 loko deep (1 1/2 cans) and that was enough for him to wind up passing out in a local park in the wet grass getting mosquito bitten while yelling "fuck loko" and calling me a stupid fucking american i would have left him there to die but i didn't know how to get back to my hotel without paying a $30 cab fare so I waited for him to get up and stumble back. I sat back on the floor of his apartment and waited to fall asleep while giggling to myself as he dry heaved into his toilet and his cat hid in a closet. I myself was a full 12 loko and was just fine. If you can't party with the big boys, don't show up. Fuck you Canada!
Loko: 323
Not Loko: 320

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