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gainesville: not my story, but rather a story from the local newspaper. about a month back there was a break-in at a convenience store surrounded by the lowest of the low rent apartments. the front glass door was smashed open and some displays had been moved but, aside from the minimal damage, there was no evidence of theft. that is, until the security cameras were checked. what they showed was a young black male walking up to the front door and smashing it open with a hammer. he reaches inside to undo the lock, enters the store and proceeds, in the darkness, to the drink case where he takes, wait for it, a SINGLE can of fourloko. officers begin canvassing the nearby neighborhoods looking for anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious activity. an hour or so into their door-to-door search, they come across a man in his apartment who is clearly drunk and holding a can of fourloko. the officer shows the man the security camera picture of the thief and asks if he has seen anyone matching the description. the drunk man stares at the picture for a moment before exclaiming excitedly "that's me!" he tells officers he had been drinking fourloko most of the night and went to steal more when he ran out. he then led officers to where he had thrown the hammer into a culvert before being carted off to jail. i have a great respect as well a great fear of anyone who drinks this stuff recreationally.
Loko: 600
Not Loko: 448

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