Four Loko Stories
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College: On my birthday, my roommates and I got a bunch of fourlokos to take home after a night out. The memories I have of that night are only in pictures, and they are as follows: -The 5 of us congregated around a huge bowl filled with FourLoko drinking from extra-long "I drink your milkshake" straws. I don't know where we got those. Or even where to get them now. -Two girls attempting to throw baby carrots into each other's mouths. There are over 30 photos of this. -Multiple shots of different girls on chairs trying to fan the smoke detector presumably from mass amounts of weed smoke and from all the burning food we attempted to cook that night. There were 5 different unidentifiable dishes leftover in the morning, most of them charred. I am hoping none of us ate any of it. -Multiple people in, on, or under the toilet for one reason or another. -Dancing with the maintenance guy, who probably came up to turn off the smoke alarm. -A 6 person bubble bath that we tried without bubble bath. (All of the dish soap was gone in the morning.) -The attempt we made at rolling fourloko cans in one girl's hair like in that Lady Gaga video. 2 of them got stuck. -Each of us trying to get the cans out of her hair. (I think we gave up because she woke up with one still tangled up in there.) -Apparently, peanut butter facials. -Lots and lots of vomit. -No one had any pants on in any of the photos. Not a single one. Even people that appeared to have come in later to join us also had their pants off. -Also, almost all of the photos were seemingly taken from the floor.
Loko: 714
Not Loko: 517

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