Four Loko Stories
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Ragin' Coleman: my friend and I drank chugged a couple beers, then drank a four loko each openly in public on the hour long train ride to Boston, just sipping on them. By the time we got to South Station we were fucked, took 5 minute pisses, and got lost on the streets of Boston for an hour and a half. We asked everyone on the street for directions, pissed on dumpsters in creepy alleyways, and went in every store on Newburry St. hammered out of our minds. I could also feel the taurine and caffeine fucking with my heart on top of this crazy drunk. We went to Boston University for a few hours and started our next four loko. We finished those cans once again on the train to have the conductor tell us he would hand us over the police on the next stop if we were drinking. We chugged them anyways. I was up the whole night when I got back to my school and had the worst hangover ever. Four Loko Es No Joko.
Loko: 58
Not Loko: 54

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