Four Loko Stories
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Bosco Jenkins: So I started with 2 cans because I didn't realize how strong it was. Not only did I jack off on a cop car, but I also slimed my sister, and cock punched a deli owner in East Brooklyn where he pulled a gun on me and started screaming. This is where I stopped remembering and my buddy Constantine met up with me (he was just drinking regular beer). I went into a laundry mat and raped some people (I work at a university) then I somehow managed to get a giant 2x4 and broke it off and I told some people in a parked car that they were going to wish I was the devil after I finished setting their car on fire and brain washing them (I'm Jewish). Anyway I had a good time. Surprisingly no hangover.
Loko: 93
Not Loko: 94

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