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Avril: So I shared half with my friend & it was my first time . We chugged it down & by the last sip we were gonna throw up cause it tasted horrible . Then we said, what kinda crap is this? It doesn't even work . We were crossed the highway intersection to my friends house & almost got hit by a car . That's when we knew something was up . By the time we got in his house, we were totally wasted.. We were rolling around on the floor, kicking each other, pulling each other's hair, telling our feelings for each other infront of my boyfriend LOL My friend knew we were wasted, but didn't say anything cause he felt bad for kicking us out of his house . He went to play Kingdom Hearts to ignore us . We kept bothering him & so he pushed me into the bathtub & my other wasted friend fell on top of me . I hit my head against the bathroom wall.. We tried playing monopoly & ended up throwing the money around everywhere & losing all the pieces . I started to feel like crap slowly & fell on the ground on top of my elbow & started screaming cause it cracked & I dislocated it . I got up after a while all naucious, I was have a major migraine . My friend got me a bag & at that moment I felt like dying . I took the bag over my head & started suffocating myself . I ended up throwing up on the bag which rubbed all over my face . My friend was laughing his ass off on the couch, my boyfriend ran under a table & started laughing with his ass up, & my wasted friend just started having tears of joy . My face was all red & I was in pain . So my I crawled into the bathroom & started chugging down the sink water . I came back to the living room, they were panicking not knowing what to do with the bag . It was like 10 lbs LOL So my boyfriend thought I had a concussion from the bathroom part & brought me oranges to eat to feel better . Instead of eating them, I sucked the juice out . I was still naucious . My friend brought me a huge black garbage bag . 5 minutes later, I threw up again . It flew 3 feet infront of me & completely missed the bag LOL It went all over the rug & under the couch.. all over my hair & pants . I went to the bathroom with everyone & they were helping me wash my hair . Then, I went into the bathtub with my friend recording . We turned the lights off & everyone went in with me . I was being a dumbass & turned on the shower with cold water, everyone jumped & screamed & started running out . I was there under the water, not letting my boyfriend leave ROFL Soon, I felt better, but I was still pretty naucious . This all happened after me & my friend got our nails done & this is what happens when you make a loco plan . & this is what happens when you plan a peaceful movie night to watch The Notebook . Tsk tsk .
Loko: 223
Not Loko: 242

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