Four Loko Stories
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LivinLaVidaLOKO: so it was a typical thursday night and me and my friends went to a party...but had no booze! the only thing open was a beer store but we had a combination of like 30 bucks and knew beer wouldn't cut the drunk state of mind we wanted to be. so what do we get? a case of lemon lime four loko. i remember drinking my first one and that was it. the next morning i heard i played flipcup/beer pong/and random chug offs with my 4loko. there was pics of me sitting in the tub fully clothed with toliet paper on my head. i left the party and walked back after dodging cops and showed up at the party in my pjs. i woke up the next morning chanting are you loko or not? then i stood up and passed out. i then woke up back in my hometime with texts from my boyfriend saying he was done. i still to this day question what else happened. LOVE YOU 4LOKO!
Loko: 487
Not Loko: 439

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