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LokoLady: I'm convinced Four Loko turns you into an entirely different person- a moral-less crazy person. I've never woken up from a night of Loko's saying "Yes, the decisions I made last night were good ones!" haha Yet, I still drink it... I guess I like the moral-less crazy person in me. Last night, I went to a club, got drunk with my friends, cabbed it back (surprising we cabbed it, honestly, usually the Loko makes me think I'm cool to drive) to my friends house, drank a Loko (not even sure what flavor it was, I was so tanked), gave my MARRIED guy friend a naked lap dance, then proceeded to drive home with him n his friend whom I just met, and fucked his friend. Funny thing is, I don't even remember anything after the lapdance. And that was my first one night stand. Woke up at about 1pm (still wasted and next to a naked guy I really don't know) and called in to my work and said I was too drunk to come in. Pretty sure I'll be losing my job tomorrow. I love you and hate you Loko.
Loko: 1459
Not Loko: 505

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