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Fresita: After a long day of classes I meet up with my friend to grab a bite to eat in Queens n then we decide to get some Four Lokos in Brooklyn soooo after all that running around we get to her place and drank a can each... we were feeling all buzzed and emotional listening to songs then she starts cryin like theres no tomorrow about a guy that didnt even make her a priority but still messed with her bla bla about family problems ... my tipsy ass starts crying too remembering family n shit and procede to open another Loko of which lead to a stupid fight about who was goin to play the music n I start tryin to make shit better by getting romantic and i opened the FOURTH Four Loko ... i dont remember how we stopped fightin but now im laying on her bed n she places my hand on her tit so im like WTF arent u straight, hmm well, ok lets let things be... then all of the sudden she gets up n goes to take a shower n comes back semi naked... "why r u half-dressed?" "Can you handle it?" HELL YEA ... we ended up hookin up and DIDNT blackout or throw up ... LOVE FOURLOKOS, cant wait for next week!!! ;)
Loko: 56
Not Loko: 64

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