Four Loko Stories
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Mike: One very windy day in the fall me and a buddy of mine had just got our paychecks and decided to pick up some bud and four lokos. we got 2 lokos each and a pack of swishers from the liquor store and decided to walk around our town. we stopped at a strip mall and rolled the 1st blunt then sparked it and walked to the park.. the wind began to pick up even more so we had to find shelter. we ended up going to a park by my friends house and sat in a plastic tube, trying to get wind protection as we were rolling our 2nd blunt. after we got it rolled we cracked our lokos and sat in the tube for about a hour. later on that week we found out that the climate was so low and the wind was blowing so strong it was the same as a hurricane. we live in MN.
Loko: 122
Not Loko: 137

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