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PukeDick: So having a good time at a party going on at my house with a bunch of friends. After a couple of shots of soco, couple shots of smirnoff greenapple, and 4 beers i decide to have one of the 4lokos laying in my fridge. Next thing I remember.. I'm puking violently in the upstairs toilet, got some kind of turrets shit going on cause im yelling "BIG DICK" and "BALLS" inebetween vomits while screaming. Someone thought I was exorcising demons. Then a dude comes up to pee when I get up and I gotta puke again. So I puke over his shoulder as he takes his leak and it waterfalls over his dick into the toilet. Should be called FuckYeahLoko
Loko: 474
Not Loko: 442

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