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DenJ: I work at Mcds. Last night, we decided to get a little drunk and my friend went and bought some Joose or whatever it's called. We chugged those down while on break and went to back to work. My friend wasn't handling as great as me and went to buy more shit, but this time she bought 8 Four Lokos. She comes back and everyone at our mcds starts to drink (we were the closing shift, so by everyone I mean 5 people). Umm. Wow. I remember her on the ground almost all the time. Me taking orders on drive-thru and telling people their hoodies were awesome, gave this one car of highschoolers like twenty pies and 4 large fries, and spent like ten minutes with the nurse from my college talking about communism (she's wacked out). We all ended up crying our eyes out and dancing and it was the most shitty close ever. Pretty sure we didn't restock anything. I'm so gonna get fired.
Loko: 520
Not Loko: 433

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