Four Loko Stories
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2Loko4fourLoko: wanted to catch a buzz and was a little tired before I went out, so I got 3 orange four Loko's. I mean, for $2.50 each, I 72oz of beer and energy drinks at once! BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! I drove, thinking I was fine and met my friends at the bar. Showed up wasted there, started drinking Jack & Cokes. Next think I remember I had the Shallow Hal glasses on... aggressively hitting on anything that was female, preferably fat and hideous... AND EASY! Things get fuzzy from there, but I woke up... pissed on myself, what felt like a chainsaw going thru my head and two blobs in my bed. I also noticed a Tabo Bell bag which still had some food in it -- I can only imagine what I did what those blobs, but because of four Loko I had my first 3some!!!
Loko: 479
Not Loko: 417

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