Four Loko Stories
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Nick B. : Went to a my local corner store and grabbed a lemonade tall boy of Four Loko. Slammed the can on the counter and asked the clerk "will this kill me"? Avoided drinking and driving because I was alone in the car and I wanted to have someone supervise me while I took my first drink of this. Arrived at Cousin Mark's house where he told me I was about to imbibe "liquid crack". Next I popped the top and took one sip. After being overwhelmed by the bitter malt liquor taste/excessive sugar I drove down to our landfill and disposed of it so no bums or stray cats in my neighborhood got their hands on this drink. The next mourning I woke up w Delayed BG's. You know when you're sitting down on the throne andy youre thinking "COME ON LETS DO THIS ALREADY" but your bowels don't seem to be in a rush.
Loko: 53
Not Loko: 59

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