Four Loko Stories
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Alex: Me and 2 friends got 5 fourlokos and two 40s. Shared them all equally. except the 2 40s. Drunk as fuck playing Halo Reach badly. We got hungry so we stumbled down the block to get some tacos. Me and one of my friends were way to drunk to go in the restaurant so my other friend ordered for us. The friend that was outside with us tried to run away and I had to run after him and catch him before he ran off because he didn't know the neighborhood. The night went on... My mom comes home at like 1 in the morning. I accedentally drunkenly lock the gate and she can't get in. I then blacked out and while i was blacked out told my mom I smoke pot. Wake up in the morning covered in malt liquer in my boxers. Woke up to a beaten Halo campaign. grounded for a month. Awesome night.
Loko: 151
Not Loko: 173

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