Four Loko Stories
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word: So: drank a little Vodka, some beer, and 2 LEMONADE LOKOS. ran around bar hopping and getting dudes to buy me and my hoes more drinks. kiss 3 out of my 4 lady friends. the hoes leave. my best friend stayed with me and my man and his people. lots of slapping people. my friend and i steal a guitar. get into an intense fist fight with my best friend. we're practically yelling obscenities and rolling around on the ground. (all in the middle of the street). fucked up my leg, blood blood blood. lost my contacts. blind as fuck. everyone leaves becuase i'm on a rampage. my boyfriend stayed with me. slept in a bush in the neutral ground of New Orleans. (luckily i had a Pokemon blanket!) woke up at 7:00 a.m to the cops telling us to leave. threw up on some school. then went home. oh Loko, the things you do to me.
Loko: 428
Not Loko: 395

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