Four Loko Stories
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cheeloko: Bought all four loko flavors. clowned everyone around for only drinking one four loko. the girl pounded a four loko (she weighing less than the can) lost her purse broke a glass and possibly her ankle at the party, we left and halfway I had to go back, find the party I lok'd out and find purse. got home and projectiled rainbows all over my bedroom walls, where my brother was sleeping, who the girl kicked out before trying (unsucessfully) to mate with me. if the stains on stomach and her back are any indication i threw up again during reverse cowgirl. woke up with unholy headache for 8am gig, stepped in an angry cranberry lime colored carpet condom and my brother was so pissed he checked into a hotel.
Loko: 426
Not Loko: 392

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