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MKU: Active ingredients: Maca root, 250mg Horny goat weed, 500mg. That's right. Horny goat weed. My friend, L, works at a major corporate drugstore. One day he found a pill bottle of the stuff with the outer plastic seal broken, but the inner foil seal intact. Company policy says they can't sell it if a seal is broken, condition, so L pocketed it. Fast forwards to the following weekend. L, my girlfriend, and I are each sipping on some 4loko, and we get the great idea to take some horny goat weed. That was our second mistake. "Take two per day with meals as a dietary supplement." I eyed the bottle, passed L and my GF a pill each, and tossed one back. After drunkenly peer pressuring eachother, I eventually swallow two more. Sure enough, an hour down the line, my girlfriend and I run off to the bedroom. Normally we hit some technical difficulties if we've both been drinking before doin' the do, but this time everything flows just fine. In the raging maelstrom of drunk, caffeinated, and horny goat weed fueled sex, she tells me to turn her over (switch positions). I lift her up, lose balance, and her head smacks into the windowsill with a LOUD bang. "Oh fuck, are you okay, baby?" -"Uh, yeah, I'm fine."(insinuating I should keep going) Next morning rolls around, she has a throbbing headache but otherwise seems fine. However, that evening at work she gets extremely dizzy and leaves work to go the emergency room. Doctors diagnosed her with a concussion. A fucking concussion. I drank 4loko, took horny goat weed, and gave my girlfriend a concussion.
Loko: 254
Not Loko: 253

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