Four Loko Stories
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Griffin and Barney: So me and my ninja are always drunk. Whenever you see us back the fuck up before you get smack the fuck up. Anyway... we are drunk already. We closed the bar down and headed home, where ConEd had came a day earlier and turned the power off for failure of payment or some bullshit like that. So we decide to get supplies like we was camping and shit. Candles, Beer, Chips, Cocaine, Solid ass greens and a few cranberry lemonade Lokos. So we get it in as usual, smoke, snort, drink and laugh. Then we start in on the lokos. Now The Griffin and Barney have been in the game since there was one to be played and these fucking Lokos are a whole new level. We start arguing over some broads from back in the day and then we start talking about family, then each other. We start crying and hugging and shit like a bunch of lucys and it pisses me off so I hit that loko like its the last sip of juice a nigga ever get to drank. Then things get a little hazy. Barney got all paranoid like someone else was in our crib AND THEN THIS NIGGA GOES BLIND! He's asking me where I went and shit, the whole time I'm standing in front of him. TWISTED. So he settles down and becomes one with the world and sort of falls asleep. I commence to smoke the rest of the weed and coke together and right then this Barney goes into a seizure while sleeping. I'm so fucked up i just watch until it stops. He starts talking and grinding his teeth like he's gonna do something but that bitch knows better. I tweak on the couch for a few and listen to my dying Ipod and he drags his big ass into his room. All and all Lokos are pretty dope, they make you feel like you smoked crack when you really only SMOKE COKE!!!!!
Loko: 326
Not Loko: 309

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