Four Loko Stories
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Bluntz: My first 4loko story, got 24s, 40s and 4Lokos, drink 24+40s, then me and a buddy go to get more lokos and meet up with more people. We get to a park and start drinking, cops start to follow us so I run like hell to my narby friends house, turns out my friends parents arent home (!) so we all get to drink our lokos in a house instead of freezing outside. Eventually we leave and go to micky Ds, huge ass crowd of people, I bail as 5 cop cars show up to raid shit, so then I go chill at my friends house with more drinkin lol so while we're drinking his mom comes down and starts buggin out at us, while drunk im able to hide all the shit and save our asses, his dad drives me home while im still drunk so now at my home, still mad buzzed up on loko and brew.
Loko: 64
Not Loko: 58

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