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Uncle Jeff: I saw it at the Gas station so i had to drank it becus they ranned out of MGD 40's. I got Horny so i went over to Henry's house and told him i was gonna fuck his dog. He got mad and punched me in my face so I went back to my van and got my gun. I went to back to look for him but he was hideing and i didnt see the dog so i jerked off and shot a bunch of holes in his wall. next i went over to my Moms so i could show my Dick to my cusin's lil sister but my gun went off in the road and they called the cops on me cuz i can hear them coming so i went to Walgreen's cuz they cant find me at there. i then got kicked out of teh Walgreen's for yelling about them niggers that shited on the lawn. i got so mad that i was gonna take out my gun again but i forgot where i put it so after that i started pissing in some old bitchs drive way and i told her i was gonna kill her with my gun but i was lieing becus i didnt have the gun. the niggers stole my gun and i never got it back so next time im drinkin 40's insted
Loko: 223
Not Loko: 240

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