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CaptainMorgyne: That nickname is definitely going to give me away. Haha. Anyways, I love 4L. Out of the 8 flavors they have, there isn't one that I don't love. In order to find this out, I had to try all of them. One night, me and a couple of my guy friends decided, out of complete boredom, that we were going to try all of the 4L flavors and see what each tasted like mixed with something else. We got a shit ton of them, and it ended up turning into a party. A couple of assholes showed up talking a lot of shit about how much they could drink. I, being completely stubborn and hate loosing, tell them that I can out drink them. It automatically becomes a contest. These 5 guys, verses little ole' me. If I could out drink all five of them, they each owed me a 100 bucks. If they out drank me, I had to send them nudes. The rules were simple; first "team" to puke, lost. I figured this was going to be extremely easy considering I had never puked from alcohol before. About two cans in, 3 of the guys were starting to slur their words and getting a little wobbly. On the third can, they ended up giving up. I was definitely feeling alcohol, but like I said, I'm stubborn, and can't loose. I had to beat these last two guys. Another half a can, one of the two that were still in, couldn't drink anymore, and puked.. Making me the winner. I got super pumped because I had pretty much put these guys in their place. Being 4 cans in now, I keep drinking. After half of the 5th can, everything is a blur. My friend Kyle ends up recording the rest of the night.. Let me tell you, actually watching yourself be a complete and total dumb ass, is the worst ever. I ended up talking a lot of shit about these guys who couldn't beat me. Just being a cocky bitch. The guy that puked, tries to get me to shut up, and I punch him in the face. I then decide to leave, and ask Kyle to drive to Taco Bell. We get there, and my ex girlfriend is in the parking lot. I walk up to her, grab her face, and kiss her. I then proceed to kiss her new boyfriend. Assuming she's in total shock, she nor her new boyfriend, say anything to me. I decide I don't want my food, so we leave and go to Walmart. Why? I don't know. I normally hate Walmart. We go inside and fuck around with stuff. Long story short, we get kicked out for racing the shopping carts. We then go back to the house, and I pass out on the back porch, waking up in the little swinging couch soaking wet due to rain. I had 17 missed calls from my ex girlfriend, and lost my purse. I never got my money either.. Fucked up night. Oh, and Kyle put the video on his tumblr, so everyone who followed him, saw it. -_-
Loko: 436
Not Loko: 397

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