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God: Well, I showed up at the house I usually hang at, thinking it would be a chill night. Everyone was getting shitty, and we were all going to go to a party at a frat house. I was playing catchup, so I downed my first Four Loko in about twenty minutes. I had another in my car, so I said, "Let's do this." Then I cracked open my second Four Loko and downed it over the next twenty minutes. Needless to say, I was flying high for the whole night. We left to go to the frat house, which is about a mile and a half walk. It was pretty alright. On the way, my buddy and I stopped in his dorm so he could piss. He left me in his room and told me not to touch anything. Apparently, I got his chex mix all over the place, and trashed all the papers on his desk. Whatever. We hung out at the frat house for an hour maybe, time really had no meaning at this point. We left and started to trek back to town. I think we stopped in a campus building to piss, and ran into some dudes that were doing the same. I think we then walked about 3 miles through town going to random places. We stopped at our friends house; no one answered the door so I guess we pissed in their backyard. At some point I face planted on the side walk. I remember it happening in slow motion, which is pretty awesome. Then we got some Dominos. I do not remember paying for it, so I am hoping that I got it for free. We went back to the house we started at, ate our pizza, and then everyone else started getting back, after the cops had apparently shut down the frat party. I started flirting with this chick, and probably would have gotten some, if only she didn't have a boyfriend or had been as trashed as I was. Eventually I started getting tired, and decided to drive home. All in all, I am pretty satisfied that I did not end up in jail.
Loko: 55
Not Loko: 67

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