Four Loko Stories
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WTFhappened>??: My story starts out with me buying five four lokos. I had never drank them before and had no idea that five was so much. I went to a buddys house where i finished all five playing good ole loko pong. After that i drank some beers and what not, then the fun began. I remember nothing for the next five or six hours. I started by looking for a bigger party and found one down the street that was a black fraterntity party. Now, consider I am a white guy who lives in Alabama. I left my friends house telling no one and walked to the party that was a street over. I entered the party by talking shit to them and making fun of their fraternity. My friends who were still across the street at my friends house realized i was gone and went looking for me. They found my dumbass on the front porch of this fraternity surrounded by people whom i kept yelling at and oh yeah i was the ONLY white person there. Needless to say they my friends got me off the porch and forced me to go back to their house. Now, their house is also a street down from the police station and in my drunkin state i took the chance of a lifetime. I took off up the road running wildly toward the cop station waving my arms. A policeman pulled next to me and put me in the copcar. My friends watching from their house now think i am in jail. They were extremly upset and called many people trying to gather money to bail me out. I somehow talked my way out of it by saying that i was a pledge for the dry fraternity on campus and told the cop it was my first time drinking. The dumbass cop buys it and takes me to their fraternity house. I then call my friends who were worried sick about me and tell them to come get me. I then go back to a friends and finally get some sleep. I wake up the next morning remebering absolutely NOTHING that happened, with no memory talking to any cop, going to any party or anything. I lost my cell phone, lost a shoe, 100$ was stolen from me, i somehow had aa differernt shirt on which still can not be figured out where it came from. I felt horrible and went to the doc to findf out i had a concussion and felt so bad i missed homecoming weekend at my college. Needless to say it was one hell of a night
Loko: 70
Not Loko: 59

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