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blumpkin: okay let me start this off by saying FOUR LOKO, we have a love and hate relationship.. anyway im a freshman in college and one night i went to one of my friends apartment so i decided ill down 2 four lokos and i thought i could handle it cuz im not a lightweight but man little thing did i know the Four loko really got to me. That night after finishing 2 lokos, my friend and i ordered ribs i ate probably 3 ,good size ribs. later that night i really had to take a shit and to add up with that i was fucked up like no other. so i went to the bathroom and tried taking a shit and guess who popped out from the shower curtain?!? this fat ass chick with like the saggiest tits ever! but to me that night she looked katy perry, while i was taking a shit she went down on her knees and started giving me head, in my state of mind i thought katy perry was giving me head so by the time i finished shitting i just bust on her saggy tits and left her in the bathroom. i went in my friends livingroom and passed out and next morning my friends told me what happened and when i saw what she looked damnn i almost puked my guts out! thanks four loko for giving me a fucked up night! im scarred for life!!
Loko: 452
Not Loko: 416

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