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vincen: Last night, my friends and I drove 1 hour and 45 minutes to a club. We started drinking in the car, finished the vodka and my buddy decided to stop at the gas station. we all pitched, and got four four lokos. I had blue rasperry. Finished it relatively quickly for my small size (mind you I am 5 6', 130 pounds. I'm a relatively peaceful and calm guy. We go into the club, after a rip a new asshole for this chick for pulling out front of the club in a new escalade. She was beat, so I let the whole line know how I felt. Finally got in, took my shirt off and started grinding on girls. Tried to get a girl to dance, she said no so i ripped her shoe off her foot and threw it into the middle of the dancefloor. She went to search for it, and I followed (how genius I am drunk). I Wrapped my legs around a super hot chick whilst holding onto a pole, later to find out she was a hired dancer at the club. I was escorted out by some kind security guards, hung outside shirtless, got naked in public three times, wore the security guards jacket to stay warm. Then my friends came out, I tried to sneak in again through the back door. Small mexican man followed us down the street, I marked my territory every block by finding fences to pee on. Found a tree near the car, said "Fuck you tree", broke a large branch and threw it into the street. I puked the whole way home into my own shirt, carried into my house by my friends, spit water into my dogs face at point zero, and woke up drunk in my own bed with the taste of rasperry in my mouth. fuck you four loko
Loko: 453
Not Loko: 409

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