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lovefourlokos: So it was my best friends birthday(she turned 17) and to celebrate we decided to throw a big party. For alc we got 6 four lokos for ourselves and ton of beer and vodka. We both chugged 3 lokos each in about and hour and I decided to drive myself and seven others(my car seats 5)to in n out,ordered food, drove into a sign at a church, stopped to play at the park and then we both black out. We woke up naked in some random persons jacuzzi with clothes, empty cans, and used condoms all around the jacuzzi. asked what the fuck happened the night before, and found out I had sex with my bestfriends college brother and she fucked his best friend. THANK YOU FOUR LOKO.WE LOVE YOU.
Loko: 458
Not Loko: 398

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