Four Loko Stories
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broken..: It was the first night me and my ex boyfriend(boyfriend at the time) ever tried Four Lokos together;; the most I ever drank was 1 and it gave me a pretty good buzz so we bought 2 a piece. The first one I drank down in about 10 minutes and then proceeded to drink down the second one in about 5. After that it gets a little fuzzy;; I went upstairs to go to the bathroom and fell in the bathtub;; didn't realize it til my ex came upstairs to see what happened;; turned out the shower curtain came out of the wall and then I'm told I wouldn't let him go to bed until he laid me;; I told him a lot of raunchy things and woke up the next morning with no recolection of what happened
Loko: 154
Not Loko: 141

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