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Cullen M: So saturday for halloween I decided to drink 2 four lokos throughout the day, one in the morning one at night, fine after the one during the day and a few beers. Once i drank the second one some 9 hours later along with a few mixed drinks ended up not remembering anything from my friends halloween party he had at his frat. Was told the next morning i was staring at a group of girls whom i then attempted to dance with and got denied, was woooooing like ric flair so much i still have no voice and it is 2 days later, ended up throwing up and passing out in the community bathroom of the frat, had my friend pick me up and carry me into his room were i passed out for about 3 hours, then finally got a ride home from my friend, tried entering my code for my garage door and that didnt work, finally had to end the night by knocking on the door to get my parents to let me in and woke up the next morning without my keys, wallet, or cell phone. So as much fun as that night was I regeret to say I will never drink four loko again but thank you for the craziest halloween night of my life!
Loko: 150
Not Loko: 159

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