Four Loko Stories
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the first Four Loko : Last year we were deciding what to drink before we went out that night, and one of my roommates goes "hey have you ever had a 4 loko?" and me and my other 2 roommates were like "no whats thats!?" and she explained to us that it was a caffeinated alcoholic beverage drink, but all we cared about that it was $3.50 and 1 of them got you drunk, so of course we thought it was the greatest thing ever so we all went out and bought them, decided on the watermelon flavor. The night was a typical I remember my first four loko night, but not really for my roommate because it ended by her blacking out at the party and throwing up pink foam all over the porch, and we had to get my friends boyfriend to carry her back to the dorms later on that night because she lost the ability to walk.
Loko: 126
Not Loko: 137

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