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rawr: ok so i have several short stories, on the last day of school me and my homies got drunk as fukk on lokos i showed up at my friends kik bak, got soaked in lube, jumped in the pool,kissed a 10th grader against the same sex on the lips, peed in the middle of a skatpark, walked through bushes, hugges and cried to some random girl in the street for an hour, told everyone i got raped, went to my friends house, woke up with my worst hangover threw up 20 times in 2 hours, walked home at 8, had a dance preformance at 9. an other time was at the promenade, i was screaming, i gave some random guy hickeys at the bus stop, went to the venice skate park, dropped dome in the bowl infront of every1, flashed every1, and talked shit to a venice sucidle┬┤s face. an other time i drank at my girls pad than went to a barmitsvah, ended up in topanga clearing a fukn 4 foot bong. other time i drank with a buncha girls...and i basicly thought i was snoop dog. an other time on halloween, i met up with guys...drank 2 3 bong hits, got in a fight with some girl, smashed this random guy, though up noodles, fell off a hill face first, tripped over a curb and sprained my ankle, took the bus home, missed our stop, hitchhiked bak with lesbians. and went right to sleep. Oh and by the way, im a 14 year old girl in 8th grade(:
Loko: 149
Not Loko: 156

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