Four Loko Stories
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Zack Morris : Alright, Im not gonna go into too much detail since I dont wanna be identified. Anyhow, I drank 4 cans the the magical juice, and from gathering information what happened was a night Im glad I do NOT remember. It started with stumbling back into the store to get more, and when the guy said they had run out, I apparently raged & went over the counter to "fight" I guess. Well, first of all Im a regular, so besides my dodging the store now, Im pretty sure thats why he didnt call the cops. BUT that didnt stop me from accidentally bumping into the "cop button" underneath the counter during our may-lay. Well, after I was told I was caught on camera, and some persuasion from the people around... I took off. I ran and left the party I was with and apparently disappeared. After this you would think I would wake someplace butt raped, but a skilled fighter (drunk or not) yet somewhat intelligent, I was able to run to an old girlfriends house. Now, she loves to party... so she wasnt home. Ok .. So the next part I cant say for sure how it happened, but I guess I had tried to climb in her window "to hide from the popo" when I was spotted by her mother. She recognized me (of course), and surprisingly didnt kick me out. In fact im not proud to say this, but I ended up boning her. I woke up naked with my raw dogged dick tucked between her wrinkled ass cheeks. I jumped up (now sober) not remembering wtf happened. She in turn woke up and said she had showered me and told me how the whole thing went down from the moment I had climbed in her daughters window. She told me not to worry she wouldnt say anything to my ex... now, as Im getting dressed (as quick as possible), with a look of horror, she says her daughter didnt come home last night. Granted I was curious where she was, but I wasnt trying to stick around especially since I had just piped her moms! So I took off.. forgoing the ride and breakfast offer. As I turn the corner to the nearby Taco Bell, confused as shit. I call my friends... who meet me and tell me the first half and that I "may be wanted". Im still hiding, but omfg... I have now retired from my Loko ways *as I down one* ... right after this one. Really though, Im probably never gonna live this one down. But shit ... they say there is always a silver lining ... and I guess if I really think about it... yea, Im not gonna lie. I pat myself on the back knowing I plowed a semi-hot GILF, and her still smoking daughter... all in one year. Thanks to 4Lokos, Ive now filled a mom & daughter full of creampies. WOW. TRUE STORY
Loko: 434
Not Loko: 397

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