Four Loko Stories
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vegGoneLoko: My night started off with me buying 4 cans of 4loko; one lemon lime, one blue raspberry, and two cranberry lemonade. i chugged my blue raspberry within 30 minutes at my friends party. felt pretty faded, moved onto a cranberry lemonade and ended up chuggin that on a dare.. bad choice. things got blurry. then i realized i was almost done with my 3rd... lost track of time(blacked out) and came out of it running out of a KFC with half a bucket of chicken.. my friend told me that i chugged my 4th at the party and proclaimed; "i need some goddamn chik'n!". ended up buying a bucket ate half, threw it up on the counter and ran out of the place... I've been a vegetarian for 8 years, and i'm a member of PETA.. damn you 4lokos...
Loko: 613
Not Loko: 477

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