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BeachLoko: So.... nice day out at the beach. I bought 3 Fourlokos. One for myself, a friend, and boyfriend. Which neither one of them ended up liking their flavor. So me, being a penny pincher make the decision that I wasn't going to waste my money and drank all 3.(Alone)Made an ass out of myself,reportedly flashed my friends. After a "very pleasant" day at the beach I start feeling frisky. Proceeded to get a little dirty in the back seat of my car before leaving beach parking lot with my boyfriend. Manage to get home, get sick, lay in my bathtub while shower running, lay on bathroom floor naked, and got sick again. From what I was told I was extremely violent at one point. Story comes to an end when I wake up next morning covered in bruises and the back of my head has a large knot. I tell my boyfriend how badly it hurts and of course apologize for being completely retarded the night before. He continues to tell me that while "gettin frisky" in the car my head apparently repeatedly was hitting the car window. When I ask him why he let me do this...His reply was, "Well, you really seemed into it at the time". FML
Loko: 182
Not Loko: 205

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