Four Loko Stories
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zook37: In honoring our friends who have been legally banned from drinking the wonder that is a 4 loko, a group of friends and I (in total 7 girls) decided to have a "four loko fiesta" last saturday night. The evening started off slow, and then changed when we all played kings with our fours. Just think about it, waterfalling with four's. Highlights of the evening: one of the girls peed off the balcony of a third floor on-grounds college apartment complex, one girl's mid-party status "fdour locko fiestas 11111111111111!!!!!! WHOSSSOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEH3EHES hahaha IF YOUS MESS WITH THE CBUUL YOU GET THE HORNSDDSSSS!!!!!!", and one girl took 110 photos with no pants on. These pictures helped piece the night together because each and every person blacked out at some point.
Loko: 455
Not Loko: 422

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