Four Loko Stories
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Ajax: Started the night at 4pm with 5 rum and tonics (horrible combo). Proceeded to finish a power hour, then slam 2 four lokos in 10 mins playing beiruit. The rest of this story, as I was told: I ran downtown and passed out on someones front lawn. Two girls, I met earlier that night, saw me and talked about calling the police. I jumped up, screamed 'NOOO!!' and started sprinting. arrived at an apartment building and tried to break in, then called 911 on myself saying someone was breaking into a building. 11:00 pm. The cops came, arrested me, took my phone, and handcuffed me. I tripped and because I was handcuffed my face met concrete. Woke up the next morning in the detox center in a bloody pillow, a black eye, and a swollen mutilated face. My friends couldn't reach me because the cops took my phone, and they called the cops because I was missing.
Loko: 533
Not Loko: 436

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