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MysteryEssence: Dood. So it was my best friends birthday, and I went to hangout with him and his girl, my girl couldn't make it. We kept stealing cans of Four Lokos and a Heineken. The night was crazy, we were daring people to fight us, etc. His girl ends up going home, then the next thing I know I'm waking up from under some stairs with no idea where he is. Later, after having walked home from where I was, (an hour - an hour and a half walk) I got picked up by my girl, her friend, and my best friends girl. We were searching for him. We found him inside a crack hos house, apparently we were partying it up with her but I had the common sense to leave while he was to drunk and fucked up to do so. Thanks Four Loko! P.s, I'll be having another one shortly ;) I love you babe. <3
Loko: 61
Not Loko: 70

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