Four Loko Stories
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Spookyzach: Forelokos and lifeguarding go hand in hand. This summer i lifeguarded at a hotel pool with a bunch of tourists and i would drink 2 to 4 lokos in a 711 cup on the stand daily haha. It was like a 10 hr black out and it was fucking awesome! The night I got my DWI I drank 4 forelokos and 5 beers. The cop pulled me over for disregarding a redlight twice and I was already drinking a 5th loko and i poured it on the ground so he would see it haha. He came up to the window and said he smelt a strong odor of alcohol. I told him he didnt. As he was walking back to his car I put my head out of my window and was like "DUDE!! NAH IVE BEEN DRINKIN BRO IVE BEEN DRINKIN DUDE". He asked if i was intoxicated and i said "NAH DUDE IM LOKO'D!!". As i was in intake a hot lady cop was asking me a series of questions and she asked me if i was 18 or older and i grinned and stuck out my chest and was like "why yes i am whats good?". hahalokos
Loko: 438
Not Loko: 392

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