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Rape Monkeyy: So Me And my friends were drinking 4 locos Right we had atleast two each, my friend alex, jonathan, and nancy so we were just Kicking Back At Jonathan's House When We Decided To Go Out For Some Air, Then Right When I Came Out The Door I Remember I Saw The Ugliest Guy Ever So I Screamed And i Had To Trow Ah Punch At Him Then After I Went Inside I Saw Him In The Window And He Started To Jack Off! Haha Funny Right But What Is Not Funny Is That He Had Put All His Sperm On Our Door Knob Then Ran So Nancy Had To Wash It Off With Her Soda that's What She Had To Drink Then After We Drove Drunk Down San Fernando Road, Then We Saw 2 Hobos On The Bus Stop Having Sexx So We Thought It Was So Funny And We Recorded It Haha Then We All Went Home.! -The Endd TRUE STORY
Loko: 56
Not Loko: 65

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