Four Loko Stories
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yung jeezy: one night me and my boys decided to go 8loko, two cans, at the park. after partying down and gettin loked we decided to to roll back to my homies house. upon getting to his front door i blacked out and about 3 hours later i awoke on a beanbag chair. thinking that i had just gotten home to my own house, i stripped naked and fell back asleep. at about four in the morning i woke up feeling super jacked on caffeine and drank a gallon of water. after that i went back asleep and then woke up to my alarm at 8:30. i put all my clothes back on but had managed to lose my keys, phone, wallet and bike lock. i rode to work and spent the first four hours on the floor in the back not wanting to ever move again. that was my first loko experience but it was a great one.
Loko: 124
Not Loko: 155

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