Four Loko Stories
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100 % true: Me and a buddy of mine brought two twin sisters to a haunted house about a month back. We all decided to get LOKO before. After sneaking in, stealing pumpkins and scarring the workers at the haunted house the four of us went back to my basement to play rock band. We decided to drink a second LOKO. About half way through our 2nds me and my buddy were getting lap dances from the sisters. Next thing we know one of the twin sisters is on top of the other one trying to make out with her and lick her breasts. She is literally trying to rape her sister. It was amazing to watch at first but we finally had to step in and stop them. But then the sister who was trying to make out got into a LOKO rage and tried to beat everyone up who was getting in her way of making out with her sister. She threw beer cans, candles and rock band guitars at us. I still have a bite mark on my arm from trying keep her off her sister. Thank god for lesbian LOKO sisters.
Loko: 59
Not Loko: 64

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