Four Loko Stories
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DJ T.Knight: Ok so im having like an old group of high school buddies over my house and i got a lemon four loko and chugged it in about thirty seconds then proceeded to have Oj and vodka. I awoke the next morning to find out that I was loud and obnoxious the whole night. Everything that i picked up i threw to the ground and screamed in laughter. I got in an argument with my girl because i took my dick out and started playing with it in the living room. So i proceeded to go to sleep in the shed. My mom grabbed me and pulled me in the house. Went over to the piano and started playing with my friend matt. Then i turned and laughed wicked loud at my cousin who just fell and she almost cried. Talked to my mom i guess about deep stuff then went downstairs and slept. FUCK LEGISLATORS AND THEIR AGENDAS TO TAKE LOKOS OFF THE SHELVES. THEY'D RATHER HAVE US DRINK THE MUCH SAFER BACARDI 151 INSTEAD
Loko: 59
Not Loko: 65

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