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makeoutblackedout: So me and my roommates decide to make a beer pong in our new apartment one Saturday night. It was suppose to be a small gathering and it turned out into a big ass party. A friend of mine brought in a 4 loko and told me I can't hang, I decided to prove him wrong and drink one on an empty stomach. It was a mistake to tell people I didn't eat, everyone was jus giving me beer, grey goose, henessy, and to top it off another can of loko. Man was that a mistake to mix everything, I started making out with a guy I mess with, next thing you know I'm pulling his crooch two my second floor (btw I own first and second floor house) ended up having sex and blacking out, those four lokos sneaked in quick. I've heard I walked on the street in socks, was very agressive to my friends and cried my ass off. The following day I had to work. When I got to work I realized I wasn't wearing under wear. NO MORE FOUR LOKOS FOR ME!!!
Loko: 67
Not Loko: 53

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